From Motherland to Fashionland

Who are we

A’dodi is a brand dedicated to the confection of afro style jewelries, customized by hand.

Through this brand, A’dodi wants to bring the afro touch to our modern fashion. By highlighting the sophisticated sense african women have with their authentic fabrics and making it a worldwide fashion touch, A’dodi wants to turn into a must have fashion accessory.


A few words about us

Our Vision

The idea first came from a phone conversation between the 2 founder sisters, they were admiring the beauty of afro jewelry Cameroon had, and also deploring the lack of this style in the occidental countries. The few creators we would have in the occident are particularly expensive! They then came up with the simple question: why don’t we create our own brand?

That is how it all started. They started to get in formation, imagining some designs and trying to create them.. until the item would look perfect for the market! The goal was to create unique, trendy and affordable accessories.

A’dodi makes its items for all women, from the teenagers with fashion sense, to the strong independent mothers! Indeed, A’dodi is inspired by Africa and aims to provide for all women, no matter their origins or cultural backgrounds.

In the future, A’dodi would extend their creation and have them made by african women in Africa, as women employment rate is particularly low in that part of the world.

A Global Brand

A’dodi has a growing visibility from Paris to New York.